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There are a lot of recommendations, suggestions and other gear that we want you to know about! From this page, and in the drop down menu you can find a list of suggested, trips, hikes, gear etc. that have been tried and tested!

Why Beta by Data was started?

Beta by Data was started because as I chatted with other outdoorsy people I noticed that many of us had things we wanted changed with our gear. The issue was, all of the changes we wanted were not available in commercially purchased gear. 

As I considered how to change this, I realized I could make many of the changes we wanted and decided to put my outdoors experience, my gear obsession and my engineering background to the test!

I started to test this theory by making friends and family some custom gear to their exact specifications.

In 2021 Beta by Data was born!


PCT - Northern & Southern Terminus

Why the name Beta by Data?

"Beta" is a term used by climbers to get up-to-date/specific details on a route/climb.

- - - 

Data was the trail name bestowed upon me by my tramily when I hiked the PCT in 2019.

Beta By Data was born out of this. I wanted to be able to share the years of gear research, purchasing, and testing with my hands-on skills and engineering nerdy-ness to work with people to create that piece of gear they have always wanted! 

About the builder!

Hi There! I am the person behind the gear and creator of Beta by Data. My name is Jess, my trail name is Data.

In 2019 I did a solo SOBO thru hike of the PCT. I am a hiker, backpacker, thru-hiker, snowboarder, skier, rock and ice climber, and mountaineer. I am constantly outside or plotting my next adventure. I feel very fortunate to have people in my life that are willing to support me and sometimes join on these adventures. 

Ps. As I said... I am an engineer, if you find spelling or grammatical errors feel free to let me know!


Arches National Park (Utah, USA)


Buckskin Pass (Colorado, USA)

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