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Custom Quilt Info

Beta by Data does 100% customized gear.

Charcoal Gray Outside

Charcoal Gray Outside

Top view of charcoal gray quilt.

Blaze Orange Inside

Blaze Orange Inside

Bottom view of gray quilt with blaze orange inside.

Panta Rhei printed quilt.

Panta Rhei printed quilt.

Top view of space printed quilt.



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Panta Rhei Quilt with Orange and Blue Interior and Blue Pocket.

Panta Rhei Quilt with Orange and Blue Interior and Blue Pocket.

Bottom view of space printed quilt with Blaze Orange and Moroccan blue inside.

Moroccan Blue Inside

Moroccan Blue Inside

Bottom view of space printed quilt with Moroccan blue inside.

Tangled SuperNova Outside

Tangled SuperNova Outside

Top view of space printed quilt.

Quilt Specific Information

Quilt Sizes

The final size is your decision, but below is how we work towards that decision!

Width: We typically make our quilts all 55" wide which allows for plenty of room to lay flat or on your side and still be in your warm cocoon! We can make this more narrow if you're really counting your ounces and want to make adjustments, or we can make it wider if you're looking for something wider! 

Length: We typically suggest the quilt length be approximately 6" longer than your height to allow for enough length in the footbox and to be able to get snuggled up inside, however we can work together through the design process to determine what make the most sense for your adventures!

Quilt Sizes

Quilt Temperatures

Most sleeping bags/quilts on the market are sold and advertised as a survival temperature.

Beta by Data does uses a COMFORT temperature rating for our quilts, meaning you can feel confident in ordering the temperature for the conditions you plan to adventure in!


Typical Temperature Ratings:

40°F, 30°F, 20°F, 15°F, 10°F, 0°F.

Insulating Materials: Beta by Data uses 900 Fill Goose Down for all of our quilts and hoods!

What temperature rating means: The temperature ratings we use determine the baffel thickness (how fluffy your quilt will be when it's lofted and being used) as well as the amount of down used to fill the baffels.

**For longevity of your temperature rating, we suggest adding 1-4oz of "overstuff" to your quilt**

Quilt Temperatures

Fabric Color / Pattern Options!

Typically our quilts are made from a 10D Ripstop Nylon, but we can go thicker or thinner depending on your exact needs!

Fabic Choices

For a quilt you will need to choose your inside and outside fabrics! When making this choice you will want to consider that the inside fabric is what your feet and body will be laying against, so consider picking a color that will not show quite as much grime. The outside fabric is what you and your tentmates will see, it will also be exposed to some dirt. 


Plain Fabric Choices

(Black is also available, not shown here)

Photographed in Direct Sunlight

Plain Fabric Colors Direct Sun-Edited.jpg

Photographed Indoors

Plain Fabric Colors Indoor Light-Edited.jpg

Custom or Pre-Designed

Patterned Fabric Choices

You can choose to use an image of your own or choose from a variety of existing prints/patterns here:

Artist Collaboration

Choose from the talented prints created by Adina Marguerite


I also recommend you check out the rest of her beautiful website, she creates stunning pieces! 


Miscellaneous Decisions & Accessories

If a quilt is what you're after here is where we can get extra creative!


Top Closure: The typical Beta by Data top closure is an elastic draw string with 2 cord locks and a snap. This allows you to snap your quilt around your shoulders/neck and cinch it down when it gets chilly!


Bottom Closure:  The typical Beta by Data bottom closure is a footbox. We typically sew the footbox together to avoid any draft in the foot area. In addition to the sewn area, we typically install 2 snap closures going up from the sewn footbox to allow for some adjustability. 

Other Options include: Completely snapped footbox, a footbox that is totally sewn, etc. 


Accessories: Pockets (1 or 2), varying closure systems, anything else you can think of!

An advantage to having a pocket is if you want a pocket to keep your phone in one place the advantage is it will also keep your phone warm, so the battery won't drain down on those cold nights!

Misc. & Accessories

Quilt Weights

As a past and hopeful future thru-hiker I understand ounce counting, some typical Beta By Data quilt weights are detailed below. Weight is based mostly on temperature rating, the warmer the quilt, the more down needed, therefore more weight!


The below average total quilt weights are for the standard design detailed above with no accessories, it does not include any "overstuff". 

  • 40°F - 12 oz

  • 30°F - 14 oz

  • 20°F - 17 oz

  • 15°F - 18.5 oz

  • 10°F - 20 oz

  • 0°F - 24 oz


During the design process for your quilt we can work to figure out where and how we can cut weight if that is a priority of yours!

Quilt Weights


These are completely customized quilts, the pricing will reflect what final design is chosen, final fabric colors/patterns as well as any additional elements added to the design.

Starting Prices: 

  • 40°F - $399

  • 30°F - $419

  • 20°F - $439

  • 15°F - $449

  • 10°F - $459

  • 0°F - $479

Cost of Additions: 

  • Printed Fabric (per side, inside/outside) +$50

  • Pocket (each) +$10

  • Overstuff (per oz) +$12.50

  • Matching Down Hood +$79


- Prices listed do not include shipping -


Quilt Lead Times

This is a 1-person show, the lead times reflect the time it will take from your initial confirmation of fabrics and design until it's in your hands!


Current Average Lead Time: 6-12 weeks


After Fabrics & Design: 2-4 Weeks - Fabric Order & Delivery, 3-6 Weeks - Fabrication & Shipping of Goods, 1-2 Weeks - Shipping 

Quilt Lead times will vary due to fabric choices, custom printed fabrics take more time to have made and take more care to confirm final product will come out well. 


Please be patient, but if you are leaving for a trip or have a particular deadline, let me know and we can see what expediting options there might be at an additional expediting cost. 

Lead Times
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