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Custom Gear Order Page!

Want something you haven't seen at a shop before?! You are in the right place!

Down Poncho

Down Poncho

Moroccan Blue Down Poncho with Blaze Orange inside and Pocket.



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Lagoon Nebula Hood

Lagoon Nebula Hood

Lagoon Nebula hood with Moroccan Blue inside.

Beta by Data does 100% customized gear. I want to make sure you get the gear you have always wanted but maybe couldn't find, or couldn't find exactly how you wanted it!

To date we have made: Down Quilts, Down Hoods, Dyneema Stuff/Dry Sacks and Down Ponchos

Please look around, get ideas and then when you have an idea of what your looking for (even if its not fully built in your head) reach out to me at and we can work together to come up with a plan to make it happen!

Miscellaneous Gear Ideas!

Down Hoods

We have a typical down hood design we use, but can adjust it to meet your needs!

Typical Down Hood: We typically make our down hoods with both a snap and draw string closure to allow for adjustability when using the hood.

Insulating Materials: Beta By Data uses 900 Fill Goose Down for all of our hoods!

Pricing for Down Hoods

These are completely customized hoods, the pricing will reflect what final design is chosen, including final fabric colors/patterns etc.

Starting Prices:

  • Plain Fabrics - $79 

  • Printed/Fabric - $99

Down Poncho

Down Poncho

Moroccan blue down poncho with blaze orange pocket & interior.

Down Poncho

Down Poncho

Moroccan blue down poncho with blaze orange pocket & interior.

Down Poncho

Down Poncho

Moroccan blue down poncho with blaze orange pocket & interior.

Down Poncho

Down Poncho

Moroccan blue down poncho with blaze orange pocket & interior.

Miscellaneous Gear

Have some idea that you haven't been able to find?! Here is your chance! Lets chat about your idea and figure out how to make it a reality!

This is your opportunity to reach out with that "crazy" idea you have had and see if together we can develop it and create it so you have that things you've always wanted!

Miscellaneous Gear Already Made:

  • A down filled "changing" poncho

    • This poncho was designed for a raft guide that wanted something large enough to get changed it when they were on shore, but comfortable and practical enough to wear around their camp in the evening. This poncho came with fully snapped sides to allow for easy changing, a down pocket to keep their hands warm and a down hood with snaps and a draw string. 

Gear Currently in Design: 

  • Adjustable Kids Quilt

    • This quilt will grow with the child from their first few summers in the back country!

Prices for Miscellaneous Gear

We will work together to make this gear what you want, but pricing it without knowing what your looking for will be a challenge! Here are a few ways to get an idea on price prior to reaching out!

Starting Prices:

  • $12/oz of Down

  • $16/yd of Plain Fabric (10D Nylon)

  • $30/yd of Printed Fabric (10D Nylon)

  • Other Fabric Options Available, pricing upon request: 

    • Dyneema​

    • XPac

    • Robic

    • Various RipStop Nylon Thicknesses 

    • Almost anything else you have in mind.

  • $30/hr Design Time

  • $40/hr Build Time


**Reaching out is the best way to get a more accurate price, design & labor hours will be decided prior to work beginning**

- Prices listed do not include shipping -

Lead Times

This is a 1-person show, the lead times reflect the time it will take from your initial confirmation of fabrics and design until it's in your hands!


Current Average Custom Gear Lead Time: 8-16 weeks


After Fabrics & Design: 2-4 Weeks - Design & Design Approval, 2-4 Weeks - Fabric/Material Order & Delivery, 3-6 Weeks - Fabrication & Shipping of Goods, 1-2 Weeks - Shipping 

Quilt Lead times will vary due to fabric choices, custom printed fabrics take more time to have made and take more care to confirm final product will come out well. 


Please be patient, but if you are leaving for a trip or have a particular deadline, let me know and we can see what expediting options there might be at an additional expediting cost. 

10D Ripstop Nylon

Fabric Color / Pattern Options!

Typically our quilts are made from a 10D Ripstop Nylon, but we can go thicker or thinner depending on your exact needs!

For a quilt you will need to choose your inside and outside fabrics! When making this choice you will want to consider that the inside fabric is what your feet and body will be laying against, so consider picking a color that will not show quite as much grime. The outside fabric is what you and your tentmates will see, it will also be exposed to some dirt. 


Plain Fabric Choices

(Black is also available, not shown here)

Photographed in Direct Sunlight

Plain Fabric Colors Direct Sun-Edited.jpg

Photographed Indoors

Plain Fabric Colors Indoor Light-Edited.jpg

Custom or Pre-Designed

Patterned Fabric Choices

You can choose to use an image of your own or choose from a variety of existing prints/patterns here:

Artist Collaboration

Choose from the talented prints created by Adina Marguerite


I also recommend you check out the rest of her beautiful website, she creates stunning pieces! 

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